House of Montague
House of Montague embodies the spirit and craftsmanship of traditional European skilled labour combined with clean progressive Danish design. The brand is inspired by the past, in order to bring a strong fashion statement to the future.

Originating from Denmark, House of Montague sprung from the mind of footwear designer Martin Ahn. He envisions a brand that combines craftsmanship, history and the clash between modernism and functional design.

After finishing his education, at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Martin set off to develop a clean, sleek sneaker, embodying his personal take on novel footwear design. A true romanticist at heart, the first classic collection featured shoes named after Martin’s former girlfriends, providing them with a timeless salute.
White mountaineering finish! #houseofmontague #houseofmontaguesneakers#whitemountaineering #florence #pittiuomo #snow
  1. White mountaineering finish! #houseofmontague #houseofmontaguesneakers#whitemountaineering #florence #pittiuomo #snow

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